Contribute to Stephen’s Fighting Fund

We believe that in order to continue the hard work of the last four and a half years we need the Conservative Party to form the next Government.  To do this we need to see Stephen Metcalfe re-elected to represent South Basildon and East Thurrock in Parliament on May 7th 2015.

Fighting a General Election costs about £10,000 in the 4 week campaign and much more than that in the run up to the campaign period.

We have a Fighting Fund set up to receive money to fight this election.  You can donate to the Fighting Fund in two ways.

You can make an Internet Payment to our fighting fund account.  Please contact us for the account details.

Alternatively use the form below to make a payment using PayPal.

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We can only accept donations from UK residents living in the UK.  Donation of more than £500 have to be declared to the Electoral Commission giving the name of the donor.

Many thanks for helping us to fight and win elections.